Spaghetti Junction Podcast Episode #99

The latest episode, #99, is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Podomatic!

Is this the new normal? Defying the constitution? Ignoring constitutional checks and balances? Creating divisive wedges between segments of our citizenry? Putting our alliances and economy at risk? No! And this must be Job-One! Respond with action, not more rhetoric. Trump bludgeons and enables with rhetoric; we need to challenge with ideas! In the shadow of this noise we mourn the passing of Toni Morrison. NPR said she brought power to the Black vernacular and is the standard by which all other Black writers will be judged. She stands in stark contrast to what is happening in this country today – she never allowed a new normal to go unchallenged. They called him the Left hand of God; why don’t we have leaders like this in our political world? Change is brewing in baseball. Change is brewing in America; what will be the new normal…? In the Spaghetti Junction!

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