R.E. Harter can offer an authentic voice to your project in two ways:



His education, training, and experience in theatre provide what some call “The Stamina” for performance. This is especially valuable for long-form narration. Add to this his story-telling experience and we have essential qualities for your audio project.

You will find two embedded audio reels with examples of long-form or commercial voicing.

NOTE: While I can do a limited number of local accents, I do not consider foreign accents to be a strong attribute. So, if your project absolutely requires a foreign accent, I’m probably not your choice. People inherently know when a foreign accent is not entirely accurate – even to the uninitiated! I can differentiate characters by pace, tone, and subtle inflexion.

There are two links provided that will connect you either my or accounts for pricing details. You may also contact me directly via the contact page.

Thank you for considering RE Harter for your next audio project!