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The Blovian Experience
Blovian, North Carolina, is a small town bounded by speed limits of fifty-five miles per hour both north and south of its own forty-five mile per hour limit. There are no traffic lights and there is but one significant crossroad within the three-quarter mile Blovian township.
The Root of All Calm
Cupboards slamming are always a reliable sign that Frank is angry. The coffee cup rattling in the sink is an equally accurate barometer. 
Pimento Cheese and the Duke
"It's a very simple question, son. Have you tried it?" The old man could be maddening with his off-topic filibustering. Even worse, he never seemed to emerge from beneath the car he was under. The old man was a mechanic; the station had been in business for thirty-some years.
Extra Innings
Not much had changed; that alone was amazing. Sure, things were fuller, greener, a trifle larger; but everything still looked like home. My memory's fullness was enhanced by the fullness of years.