I write stories.

For may years, I told stories written by others - as a regional, community and educational theater director. I have evolved and jumped head-long into the abyss of the Writer's Storm, endeavoring to wrestle with the human condition from my perspective. I believe writing to be simpler than most will admit; not easier, just simpler... Write from your passion. Hemingway advised writers to start with one true sentence.

Short Stories

I use the short story to perfect my initial one true sentence and story development. Short is easier to get your head around. I don't think I want to ask friends and relatives to read a three-hundred page manuscript to see if I can write! You lose friends that way.


There are two stories that have chased me for a number of years, and both have to do with what we know, or don't know, and how that instructs our life. Devil's Gut and Pentimento are forthcoming.

A story enables us to embrace what it means to be human, with all its warts and beauty marks, and in doing so, inspires one to live more fully.

Meet R.E. Harter

You can call me Rod! My working life has largely been spent in regional, community and educational theater where I worked as a director. For almost thirty years I have told other people's stories. It occurred to me that I have stories too!

I have a B.S. in theater from Southern Illinois University, and a Master's in directing from Syracuse University. I am a member of Actor's Equity and SAG.

I currently live in Pinebluff, North Carolina - Pinebluff is adjacent to Southern Pines and Pinehurst - the golf capital of the world!
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Customer-centric mindset

For that reason, we offer our blog and writing samples for your perusal and commentary. There is no story without an audience. If the sample stories augurs well for my writing, collections of short stories are available in the Storm's Store, along with the two novels, to be released by year's end.
The Blog
This is where I reflect upon the challenges of the Writer's Storm, his process, his life, his obstacles, his many challenges to be heard.
The Stories
The stories are my philosophy of story put into practice is short form. Ideas are tested about structure and content.
Storm's Store
Still under construction, this store will offer more polished examples creative writing through short story collections and novels.