Writers and performers are in a perpetual search for their voice; because, finding it is just the beginning. Honing it, deepening it, or broadening it is a forever challenge.

What is it about artists, performers, or writers that sets them apart from the others, distinguishes them, identifies them from all the rest? What separates them is the same intangible that you are looking for to voice your project. Authenticity.

I have worked as a director, actor, teacher, stage manager, radio host, and television host. I have always endeavoured to hone an intelligent, comforting, and authentic voice for directing, teaching, or performing.

In addition, the collaborative nature of the theatre has provided me with a valuable skillset for listening and teamwork. These are really essential for nurturing authenticity.

I received an undergraduate degree in Theater Arts from Southern Illinois University, and then a Master’s Degree in Directing from Syracuse University, where I was also a grad assistant to the Department Chair. My work has included regional and community theatre, industrial films, and educational theatre. I led an award-winning high school theatre department in North Carolina.

I am “About” communication and would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.